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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis The Easy Way

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Are you ready to start a new life as a non-smoker?

Hello, my name is Linda. I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and CBT Practitioner with over 8 years’ experience, helping people just like you to make positive life changes.

As a Master Practitioner in the Breathe Quit-Smoking Technique (BQT), I help you stop smoking quickly and easily in only one session. This unique and highly successful approach pioneered in Australia, is now available in the UK through Inflow Hypnotherapy.  

Because the technique has been developed and refined over many years, the majority of smokers only need one tailor-made session to become a non-smoker. 

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The Breathe Quit-smoking Technique

Welcome to Breathe Quit-Smoking Technique – Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in One Session and Live a Smoke-Free Life

Chained to smoking

Are you tired of the endless struggle to stop smoking?

Is your health now suffering? Is the cost of your smoking habit worrying you? Are you fed up with the taste and smell and being controlled by cigarettes or vapes?

Imagine ending the struggle and breaking free from the grip of cigarettes and vapes permanently, no matter how long you’ve been smoking or how many times you’ve tried 

to quit!

Breath quit-smoking technique

Welcome to the Breathe Quit-Smoking Technique (BQT)

BQT is a revolutionary method that combines the power of Advanced Hypnosis, NLP, and CBT to help you stop smoking cigarettes and vapes easily and permanently with no cravings or will-power needed.

The BQT method is unique and our 120+ five-star reviews highlights its success.

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Unlock the Secret to Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis

We understand that stopping smoking is not just about breaking a habit – it's also about rewiring your mindset and setting yourself free. Our unique approach, backed by years of experience and expertise, empowers you to conquer any cravings quickly and easily and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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The BQT Difference: Your Road to Success

Tailored Sessions for Lasting Results

The BQT method recognises that every individual is unique. That is why our Specialist Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist tailors each BQT session specifically to you. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it's a method customised to your needs, your lifestyle and your reasons for quitting.

It's important to note that hypnosis is not a magical solution, but it can make your choice to quit and remain a non-smoker so much easier, provided you genuinely want to stop smoking and are committed to the process.


With BQT, you become a non-smoker not an ex-smoker who is always resisting the urge to smoke or feeling like something is missing in your life. Being a true non-smoker is an effortless place to be, it is your natural way to be, giving you the complete freedom to enjoy life on your terms. Just imagine how great that’s going to feel?

The BQT Guarantee: Your Peace of Mind

Who we work with:

It is important that you are serious about stopping smoking for yourself, not for anyone else. We understand that some of your reasons for quitting may relate to family or medical professionals for example, but the primary motivation must come from you. 


Hypnosis works best when you are a willing participant, fully motivated and committed to achieve the changes you desire. 


If you still think you can have the odd smoke or be a social smoker afterwards, then you are not ready and you will inevitably fail in the long run. Though we are fully invested in your life-long success as a non-smoker, we do also need your equal commitment for your own benefit.


You can be confident that there are no tricks or gimmicks here. My approach to stop smoking with hypnosis is straightforward and enjoyable, so you will find it easy to be engaged in the whole process and leave feeling, thinking and behaving as a non-smoker.

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Ongoing Support for Lasting Results

Because we offer this additional support for relapse, we don’t work with every smoker who wants to quit with BQT. We only work with smokers who are 100% ready and committed to never touch another cigarette or vape again

We’re here to fully support you in remaining a non-smoker should you need it, at no additional cost.

Unlimited Free Support

The majority of smokers walk away from the BQT session as a non-smoker and continue to remain smoke-free, needing no further help. 

Just in case you are one of the very few who require additional support to remain smoke-free, we provide unlimited free support in the first 30 days, to ensure your transition to a smoke-free life. 

Our Specialist Stop Smoking Hypnotherapist has your back 100% and is here to help!

We also provide self-help aftercare advice and a reinforcement hypnosis recording to use at home if you need it. If despite following this advice, you are still finding it a struggle to remain smoke-free, you must contact us straight away for further support to help make it easier for you.

Dont take our word for it...

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Don't allow smoking to control your life any longer. Unlock the power of your mind, conquer those cravings, and become a healthier, happier you with extra cash for a brighter future. Start your healthy smoke-free life with one simple choice: the Breathe Quit- Smoking Technique! 

Contact us today to schedule your personalised BQT session and embark on your journey to a smoke-free future. Be free with BQT!

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