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Stop smoking quickly with the Breathe Quit-Smoking Technique

As a Master Practitioner in this unique and highly successful approach pioneered in Australia, I help you to stop smoking quickly and easily in only one personalised session. Because the technique has been developed and refined over many years, only 5% of clients seek our follow up support.

No matter how long you’ve smoked for or how many times you’ve previously tried to stop smoking. You can end yo-yo quitting and be finally be free!

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How does the Breathe Quit Smoking Technique Work?

BQT harnesses the power of three potent techniques – Advanced Hypnosis, NLP and CBT. This trio of strategies targets both the conscious and subconscious aspects of your smoking habit. We work with both parts of your mind so that they quickly align and work together for your success, instead of working against each other so that you keep on smoking.

Just think about it for a moment. You already know how bad smoking is for you, right? You know this logically, yet you still can’t stop smoking. This is despite wanting to stop and your logical, conscious mind telling you that you must stop. 


When you first started to smoke, you did so consciously and had to train your body into inhaling hundreds of poisons. Now, it is something your subconscious mind does automatically for you. Just like driving a car.


Smoking is a very powerful subconscious habit and the subconscious mind always wins in a battle with your willpower.

What About Nicotine?

BQT eradicates this powerful subconscious habit that drives your smoking behaviour, smoking triggers and cravings.  It rewires your negative thought patterns and associations and so empowers you to stop smoking much more easily than using your conscious willpower or nicotine replacement therapies alone. 

Nicotine is not the root cause of your struggle to quit. It is the very powerful subconscious habit that keeps you smoking. This is why hypnosis is so effective, because it eliminates the habit at the deeper psychological level, whereas nicotine replacement therapies do not.

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Your Tailor Made Session: Become a Non-Smoker for Life

This is not a one size fits all approach like many hypnotherapy quit smoking programmes.  Each session is tailored to you because everyone is unique with their own reasons for smoking and wanting to quit.


The BQT system is powerful because it works with your belief system, your reasons, your circumstances and your knowledge about smoking. 


In your session, we discuss your smoking habit, triggers and beliefs about how smoking helps you and your reasons for wanting to quit. We bust the myths and reframe your beliefs about smoking before starting your personalised stop smoking hypnosis.


The BQT Promise to You

We provide you with aftercare advice and techniques to aid your transition into a smoke free life, including a reinforcement hypnosis MP3 if you feel you need it.


Though you stop smoking quickly, we are so confident in the success of the BQT stop smoking programme, we offer FREE unlimited support in the crucial first 30 days after you stop smoking, just in case you need it.


Very few people need extra support to remain a non-smoker, but if you are finding it harder than expected, we want you to call us for extra support.


Whether or not to smoke again is 100% your choice. With our support to make it easier for you to remain a non-smoker, there is no excuse to put yourself back into that smoking prison! We really don’t want that future for you and no doubt you don’t want that either.


Is the BQT stop smoking programme for you?

“Is BQT for me if I’ve tried all the nicotine replacement therapies and still failed to quit?” Yes!

“Is BQT for me if I previously stopped smoking for a long time and started again?” Yes!

“Is BQT for me if I’ve smoked for 50 years?” Yes!

“Is BQT for me if I just don’t have any will-power to stop smoking?” Yes!

Stop Smoking Quickly with BQT.

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