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Linda Deacon online session

Online Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking at Home

I now primarily work with clients on-line over Zoom video across the UK. You just simply click on a link that I send you.


This is an easy and secure way for clients to access hypnotherapy to stop smoking, wherever they are located. It saves on time and travel and clients report that they can relax much more easily in the comfort of their own surroundings and be receptive to hypnosis more quickly. 

More importantly, online hypnotherapy to stop smoking is just as effective as an in-person session. It is also very safe, you can’t ‘get stuck’ in hypnosis if the internet drops, so don’t worry!

I follow a certain protocol with online sessions which we discuss at the start of your session. In fact, if you think about it, you have your eyes closed listening to my voice for most of the session, so being in my therapy room or in your own home doesn’t really matter.

What do I need for an Online Stop Smoking Session?

All you need is a secure internet connection, a laptop, tablet or smartphone  and a comfortable seat to relax on. If you have earbuds/headphones that’s preferable, but not essential.


In person Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

If you prefer in-person sessions, you can quit smoking at my quiet therapy room with free parking, easily accessible from Brighton and Hove, Hassocks, Lewes, Ringmer, Uckfield, Burgess-Hill and Haywards Heath, where you can feel at ease to start your new life as a non-smoker.

How do I get booked in?

Book an initial call

Simply fill out the contact form or call me to arrange a suitable time for an initial, free consultation call of around 20 minutes. 

You can also book a consultation call at time to suit you on my calendar here:

Following our consultation, if you are truly ready to quit smoking for life and you wish to go ahead with the BQT programme, we can book your appointment on the call. You will then receive a link to fill out an online client intake form to be completed before your session.

If during our consultation it seems that you are not quite ready to become a non-smoker for life at this point, we will ask you to contact us again when you are ready. We will give you advice on how to help yourself be properly ready to stop smoking and send you our free Quit Smoking e-book that contains tips to help you. 

Most people who contact us are absolutely done with smoking, usually having tried all other methods to quit previously, so this only happens rarely.

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